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A (Cleaning) Secret to Everyone


A (Cleaning)Secret to Everyone

I apologize to all those who clicked on this post hoping to get some nerdy Zelda secret. (Yes, I love Zelda and couldn’t resist a good nerd joke when it came to this post). I know, I know, my nerd is showing. Oh well.

What I wanted to talk about was the thing that I really struggle with, well one of the many things that I really struggle with: Housekeeping. Even the word makes me recoil in horror. I really don’t like to clean. I always have a list of other things I would like to do and even some that I don’t care for, but would rather do than clean.

I realized that not everyone is this way. I was teaching a primary class of nine year olds and tried to make a connection between Laman and Lemuel and cleaning their rooms. Well they all said that cleaning their rooms is good because it can get so overwhelming and it’s better to just do it.  OK, even nine year olds like cleaning more than I do.

I have often trolled Pinterest looking at the “Lazy girl guide to cleaning” or “top cleaning secrets”. I always laugh when something on the internet is called a secret. I guess they don’t understand that there is no place more public and on display more than the internet. Anyway, the posts sounded good, but I would actually have to clean for them to work (blehg).

secret to everyone
Image credit to Nintendo

Wonder woman, (my fantastic mother-in-law) told me this secret to a clean house and have it not be such a dreadful thing.  I’m posting it here, so as far as secrets goes, it’s now a secret to everyone (again, sorry for the nerdiness).

OK here it is: all you need is this one app on your phone:

Untitled design

See it? It’s probably already on your phone: the timer app. Yup that’s it. I enter the room I’m going to clean and ask my lovely assistant Siri to set the timer for 15 minutes. I then clean that room for fifteen minutes. When the timer goes off, I move on to the next room (or take a break, I mean after all, fifteen minutes of cleaning is a lot).  I repeat it in the next room and the next room and so on until Bam! The house is clean.

The first time I did this, my apartment would have made my mother faint. (sorry mom!) I started in the kitchen. I thought that fifteen minutes would be too much time, but by the time I cleaned the dishes and sink, I had two minutes to clean the counters. I scrubbed the stove and counters as fast as I could, but didn’t finish. The timer went off. I wiped my hands on my pants (sorry again mom) and headed for the bathroom.

This time I was confident fifteen minutes would not be enough time to clean my disgusting bathroom. I started with the toilet and sink and so on, and when I was done, I had five minutes left. I began to scrub the tub. I was able to wipe the tub down pretty well before the timer went off.

Last was my room. My room is like, well no one ever goes in there except my husband and me. I set the timer and rushed about like a mad chicken having no idea what was going to happen. I sorted and put stuff away. When I was done with the surface cleaning, I had more than five minutes left, so I began to organize my craft pile.

Wonder Woman recommends that this method is used every other day. Once the basics are done (which won’t take long if you do it every other day) you can do deeper cleaning like scrubbing cabinets or organizing your drawers and so on. You can even break it up to just one room a day. Easy peasy.


I hope this helps any of you that are like me and hate cleaning (and can’t commit to doing it).

Oh side note: something beyond weird to me are the Charmin commercials! What grandma has her seven+ year old granddaughter in the bathroom with her? Boys don’t sit around talking about toilet paper and clean underwear either.



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