Nature Exploration: so easy a toddler can do it.

In Colorado, February rarely has snow. In fact, lately it’s been in the 70’s (snow comes in March or April). With all these nice days, who can stay cooped up inside? Princess Pea loves the outdoors. The nearest park is a half hour walk away (great for me to get exercise). The problem is that when we get there, she has no interest in the playground equipment. She’d rather play with sticks, dirt, and rocks. We have this really nice trail/greenbelt that leads to the playground. The trail is lined with all sorts of nice trees, plants, and other nature.


The other day we decided to go for a walk. I put Pea in the stroller for the first hour of our walk (we were just going for fun, not to the park). When we got to the trail, I let Pea out of the stroller and she wandered the trail.  Pea brought her purple sand bucket (and best friend Freddy Bear Teddy Bear).


She loved walking the trail and finding “treasures” and putting them in the bucket. Sticks that were too big to carry in the bucket went on the back of the stroller.



We were at it for an hour before we headed home. We did have to ditch the over-sized sticks on the stroller, but the bucket treasures came home with us.


When Superman came home, Pea was so excited to show him her collection of pine cones, sticks, rocks, and dirt.



I’m debating if we’ll do an art project with the things she collected, or just let them back into the wild. I’m leaning towards the latter. This is just a fun activity to do outside with your child. It is a break from the playground and adds communication and lessons about nature and the environment.

What are fun things that you enjoy doing with your children in nature?




2 thoughts on “Nature Exploration: so easy a toddler can do it.

  1. Thank you for sharing…the sense of adventure and approach to living is wonderful! I love that your daughter sees the appeal in sticks….as one who loves trees, I can relate. Wow, is she ever sweet 🙂 And, motherhood suits you 🙂 A wonderful read!


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