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Broken Eggs

Broken Eggs.jpg

It’s been too long, but in my defense it’s been a crazy week. The good news is that a crazy week gives lots of material for a blog.

Mondays are the busiest day of the week for me. Princess Pea and I run the bulk of our errands on Mondays so the rest of the week is nothing but play. Surpisingly Pea loves running errands (I really hope she doesn’t grow out of it). Her favorite errand is going to the grocery store. She loves picking out produce and saying “Hi” to every person we pass.

As we checked out, Pea got so excited watching the groceries go down the conveyer belt and down to the nice lady bagging our groceries. I was so grateful that I was not juggling bagging food and holding my squirmy toddler, I didn’t pay close attention to how the groceries were put into the reusable bags and then into the cart. It didn’t take long for Pea to notice.

I put her in the cart and pushed it out to the car. She was looking in the bags closest to her when to her plesant surprise, the carton of eggs was on top of the milk, right in arms reach of her. Easter wasn’t that long ago and she has since loved cracking the hardboiled eggs and eating them. She remembered opening the plastic eggs and finding chocolate treats. She loves eggs.

I pulled up next to my car. I popped the trunk and shoved the stroller out of the way to load groceries. As I turned back, Pea’s little had grabbed the lid of the carton. She picked it up. It flew open and eggs tumbled into the cart. All I saw was yoke and shells splatter all over the bottom of the cart and drip down into the parking lot.


My first feeling was shock followed by frustration. I didn’t have time to get more eggs. It was a hot day and leaving groceries in my trunk wasn’t a smart idea. I also had no idea how to handle the mess. I went through the bags and found uncracked eggs. I put them in the carton and realized only four broke. Relieved, I put the bags in my trunk and talked to Pea about not touching the food without asking first.

I cleaned up the mess the best as I could before loading Pea in the car. As I sat in the car, I felt miffed. Then a little voice in my head said they’re just eggs. I realized that breaking eggs was not a big deal. It was not a problem. I had eight eggs. I wanted to call and tell the world about what Pea did, but then the voice reminded me “…from the least of them unto the greatest of them… for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.”

While Pea had not sinned, only made a mistake (aka a transgression), I was ready to shout her mistake to the world, to memorialize it in stone, never to be forgotten (yes, I do realize I am writing about it on the internet, never to be forgotten). I was ready to defame her over less than a dollars’ worth of eggs. Why? Because it would vent the negative feelings I was having?


Pea wasn’t crying, but she was upset. She kept saying “sorry Mommy” and “broke the eggs”. I turned around and looked at her. “It’s ok, they’re just eggs. You don’t need to be sad. We cleaned them up, we can always buy more.”

I was ok with it, I did tell some family about what had happened, but only because it ended up showing how tenderhearted Princess Pea is (not to drag her through the mud). After a lot of talk from Superman and me, we were able to convince her that we still love her and that we were not upset at all about the eggs.

I had another ah-ha moment. I make tons of mistakes and sins. I beat myself up for it over and over again, even after I’ve repented and communicated my sorrow to Heavenly Father. Like the perfect parent He is, He forgives me. I am the one who continues to bring it up. I continue to dwell on it.


I think it is important to learn from the mistakes and sins we make. But we need to let it go after we repent. It’s easy to dwell on it and use it as the reason we avoid Heavenly Father, but the truth is, our mistakes are often like the eggs were, small, easy to mend and come back from. We just need to ask for His help in cleaning up the yoke and shells.



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