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How to make a fish cake

What time is it? It’s time for my first cake tutorial ever! Princess Pea turned 2 yesterday. In my crazy mom-ness I started planning her party back in January. I actually just looked at Pinterest for hours until I found ideas I liked. I found this cake idea, but no instructions. I’m an OK baker. I can follow a recipe and make a really tasty cake, but as for decorating, frosting is not my medium. Superman is not like me and he likes box cake and can frosting (as long as it’s a certain flavor and brand).  I compromised this year and made box cake but homemade buttercream. Anyway I managed to make a semi decent looking cake and decided to create a tutorial for it (in case anyone was interested).


Make two cake rounds (mine are 8 inch). I froze them overnight. In the morning I laid them on my cookie sheet (I put frosting in between the layers). I cut them in half then cut a small triangle out of the flat part of one semicircle.



I arranged them on the sheet  then frosted the cakes. DON’T DO IT THIS WAY!! I had to move my cake later and mess up my frosting. Put the cakes on, then put the cupcakes on, then frost. I went light on my frosting of the cake, but heavy on the cupcakes.


I just picked a random tip to make a scale like frosting on the cupcakes.


I drew eyes and a mouth on paper (using washable markers), cut it out and placed it on the face. I did not have enough yellow food dye to do the yellow stripes for Mr. Grupper so it just became a goldfish.


Princess Pea loved the cake and was so excited to blow out her candle. She loved her party (especially the foot of snow and still going).





4 thoughts on “How to make a fish cake

  1. you know when i first saw this i thought you meant a cake made out of fish and i was like,thats my first! lol i love how creative you’ve been and how you weren’t afraid to try something you not very sure of, and trust me you will become a pro this way, i cook most things with a google page open lol they dont turn out that bad, in fact i surprise myself and my friends are like where did you learn to do this! so go girl!

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