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Spotting the Counterfeit

My posts are lagging behind. Mostly because I’ve been letting other things get in the way. I get easily distracted by books, personal life, weather, TV, and so on.  This week as I reflected on things, I have had many thoughts. Many of them have been concerning family.  In the Family: A Proclamation , the duties and responsibilities of parents are outlined clearly, without any doubt. Pondering this, I find myself checking if I am doing what I should be doing as a parent. Am I nurturing?  Am I teaching my child the things she needs to know?

Federal agents that work to stop counterfeiting spend a lot of time and effort studying and preparing to recognize fake money.  The way that they learn to recognize fake money is by studying real money and coming to know every little detail of it. Knowing real money on such a deep level helps them to be able to spot counterfeit bills on sight.  Like these federal agents, in order to recognize fake and false things in the world, we must study truth.

As a mother, I need to nurture and teach my child truth to protect her, to fulfill my duties.  Gone are the days of simply telling a child “this is the truth” , gone are the days of thinking they can figure it out, gone are the days where everyone wants truth and right. We MUST teach our children to recognize truth.

As I have been working on planning the week, the day, the hour, I have begun to apply the simple question, How does [this activity] teach Pea Truth? How does watching Bubble Guppies teach her Truth? How does playing outside in the grass teach her? How does putting her fake food into a bowl and make a pretend meal teach her? How does this song we’ve listened to twelve times already teach her? And so on.

I don’t do this to question my worth as a mother. I don’t do this to micromanage every detail of her life and overwhelm her with lessons in truth. I do this so that she can be safe and prepared for the road ahead. I know that she will hear things that are not true, things that are dressed up to look like truth, but in reality be propaganda. I know she will be told by authority figures that certain things are true when they are just an over accepted lie. How can she learn to see these lies? How will she learn to stand firm in the things she is being taught at home? How can she learn to be a beacon to others about truth?

She can only do this if I do my part. If I teach her how to recognize truth, how to learn truth for herself in the midst of endless contradictory internet searches and misguided teachers, then she can stand firm and strong against the wave of lies.

This may sound bleak, but imagine sending your child outside in a blizzard without a coat, or sending your child into the summer sun without sunscreen, or even sending your two year old swimming without supervision. All of those are insane and terrible parenting practices. How is neglecting to teach our children in the home any different.

I’m not shouting that we need to homeschool our children to keep them safe. If you want to do that, kudos for you. What I am proposing that we take the time from whatever we deem so important and sit down and talk, teach, show by example how we recognize truth in this crazy, chaotic world.

How do you recognize truth? How do you teach your children to do the same?



4 thoughts on “Spotting the Counterfeit

  1. Critical thinking is so vital to excellence in its myriad forms…including integrity, emotional intelligence, honesty and authenticity….how very, very thoughtful you are…what a fantastic post/perspective/approach,,,,thanks for sharing 🙂

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