5 Reason why Eve is Awesome

Think of someone you admire, someone who you feel has a lot of courage, strength, or even just exemplifies who you want to be. Now imagine if the majority of the world said terrible things about this person. Imagine this person was mostly viewed as the villain. Imagine if you told people that you looked up to this person that people would instantly think less of you.

Last week I talked about Lilith, the imaginary daughter of Satan who is out to destroy women, today let’s look at Eve. Eve is my hero. I have looked up to her since I was a teenager. She has always struck me as an amazing and strong woman. When I share this tidbit among my fellows of my Faith, they see it, they get it, they agree. Outside our Faith, they laugh, they belittle, they tell me I should admire Lilith.

First I want to point out some flaws in this Lilith versus Eve nonsense.

1) Why would Heavenly Father set Adam and Lilith up for failure? No, seriously, why would He? Answer: He wouldn’t! He doesn’t set us up for failure.  Adam and Eve were married by Heavenly Father in the Garden of Eden, before children could ever come into the picture. Adam and Eve were innocent, unable to understand wrong and right (also, unable to reproduce, hence why Adam didn’t “know” Even until after they left the Garden).  Heavenly Father would not force two people to be married to each other if they would only result in failure.  He loves us and wants us to succeed.

2) Eve is subservient to Adam because she’s made of his rib and not of dust like he is. Uh, no. Did you know that animals have thirteen pairs of ribs, all except, you guessed it: Humans! (doot, doot, doooo!) Well known and beloved doctor Russel M. Nelson said this: “Interesting to me is the fact that animals fashioned by our Creator, such as dogs and cats, have thirteen pairs of ribs, but the human being has one less with only twelve. I presume another bone could have been used, but the rib, coming as it does from the side, seems to denote partnership. The rib signifies neither dominion nor subservience, but a lateral relationship as partners, to work and to live, side by side.”  Eve is an equal partner with Adam, anyone who says otherwise should go to medical school and learn about ribs.

3) Adam and Lilith were not made at the same time (because she’s not real). Milton has this beautiful look at Adam in the Garden by himself. Adam got to experience loneliness before Eve was brought into his life. This was so he would appreciate her so much more. Heavenly Father knew that Eve would partake of the fruit (it was her choice), He also knew that if Adam didn’t stay with Eve, than failure for the plan and as stated above, He doesn’t set us up for failure.  Adam valued Eve.

4) Eve, the last thing created is the crown jewel of the creation. Eve, not Adam. Eve’s value just shot up.

5) Eve partook of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was not a sin, it was a transgression. What’s a transgression? Well a transgression is when you make a wrong choice before you can really understand consequences. Children younger than 8 make wrong choices all the time, but their understanding of right and wrong is not as complete as children above 8. When your two year old repeatedly runs into the street after endless talks about how bad it is, they just don’t get it. Eve didn’t understand until after she ate the fruit. After her eyes were open, she understood right and wrong, one of the most precious and important things we can know (hence why she wanted Adam to join in, among other reasons)

I just needed to put this out there. I love Eve and to say she negative things about her only displays a lack of understanding of who she really is.



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