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Holes in Shows


Image from Rovio

In the past I have talked about the things I’ve learned from watching too many children’s shows. Well I’ll have you know, I am annoying to watch kids’ shows with. I point out all the plot holes, all the parts where the story line just doesn’t add up, and I do it with a loud scoff. If Superman happens to be home during my comments, he reminds me ever so gently that it is meant for children so the story doesn’t have to be as complete, as long as it has a happy ending. It’s true, Pea freaks out at the bad parts and it would be rough getting her to calm down for anything else if one of these half thought out plots ended on a cliff hanger without the resolution immediately following.

Anyway I wanted to share some of my favorite annoyances about certain shows.

Veggie Tales
Image from Netflix

Over All Observations:

  • This was asked by a nine year old girl from church: How can the Vegetables of Veggie Tales pick things up when they don’t have any hands? I know this is explained in the Netflix series by the “invisible hand” comments, but it happens in more than just Veggie Tales, Angry Birds does it too.
  • Why doesn’t anyone ever wear different clothes? Doesn’t Sofia get tired of the same poofy purple dress? Don’t Jake, Cubby, and Issy smell bad? Why would Peg have a closet full of the same outfit, yet constantly get hand-me-downs from the neighbors of various clothes?
  • Why is no one supervising these kids? Who lets their ten year old go into space with a cat as parental supervision? How is Sofia able to go off on her own when she’s royalty (Enchancia has to have a secret service)?
Image from Disney

Sofia the First:

  • King Rolland has twins from a different lady than Queen Miranda, yet no one ever discusses their mother. Sofia’s biological dad is someone other than King Rolland, yet he is never mentioned. There is only one episode where there is even a moment of issue in parentage (Mother’s Day I believe) but that was because Sofia had to share her mom with her new siblings.
  • Amber is constantly giving terrible advice, but Sofia keeps following it. For a girl with a magical amulet and above average problem solving skills, she can’t seem to figure out that Amber doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
Image from PBS

Peg + Cat:

  • Grown-ups can’t do math… teenagers can’t do math… ten year old girls with talking blue cats can?
  • How do the neighbor ladies keep bringing Peg hand-me-down clothes when they don’t have any children?
Image from Disney

Jake and the Neverland Pirates:

  • Jake and his buddies earn gold doubloons each episode, yet the treasure chest never seems to get any fuller.
  • Smee must be a stress/emotional eater, how else would he remain the shape he is with all the hard physical labor he does for Hook?
  • Why does Tick Tock Crock only go for Hook, doesn’t he realize Smee or other crew members may be just as tasty?
Image from Nickelodeon

Paw Patrol:

  • Dogs that talk and do the jobs of groups of people. You think they’d need more than just one dog to be the police or the fire department.
  • How do they keep electing a mayor who keeps a chicken as a pet (and is as intelligent as a chicken)?
Image from Nickelodeon

Team Umizoomi:

  • Where are their parents?
  • How have they not been crushed by large objects like feet in every episode?
  • Why do Doormouse, Squidy, and many other characters have the same voice?
Image from Nickelodeon

Bubble Guppies:

  • Grouper just takes the kids around town with no warning to the parents, no permission slips. He also gives permissions for sleep overs?
  • Why is his class only made up of merpeople when the rest of the town is made up of crabs, lobsters, and fish?
  • How can they use water from sinks, water bottles, and so on when they’re underwater?
Image from Disney


Sheriff Callie:

  • Why can some animals talk and wear clothes but others can’t, but are treated with equal intelligence (like the horse and the cows)?
Image from PBS

Dinosaur Train:

  • They only take the same two kids on the majority of train rides, they always get a ticket, yet they have no money. The conductor (who is supposed to be running the train) leaves the train and goes on adventures with them.
Image from Hasbro

My Little Pony:

  • 90% of the population is female? How does that happen?
  • Princess Celestia is like a bajillion years old, yet she’s a princess and not a queen.
  • Spike the baby dragon never grows older, but Twilight Sparkle, his “owner”/Friend is constantly changing
  • How do they make and do so much without hands?
Curious George
Image from PBS

Curious George:

  • Why hasn’t anyone taught George how to write or do sign language so he could actually communicate with everyone?
  • Who lets a monkey be unsupervised when he keeps causing problems?
  • How can the Man in the Yellow Hat afford an apartment in the city and a house in the country and a monkey on a museum job (and all the travel they do)?


What kid show plot holes have you found?



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