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B is for King Benjamin

Hello, Hello, I am proud, well maybe not proud, I’m feeling a little insecure about how it turned out, but at the same time I’m still learning and this is a new skill. Anyway, I am proud/nervous to show my very rough and first attempt at curriculum printable.

Anyway, we focus on the letter B this week. My weekly schedule includes away from home and home activities. Mondays are our grocery shopping/errand day. Our morning is filled with running errands. By the time errands are done, it’s lunch, stories, and then nap. After nap we engage in activities around the house. Tuesday we have little going on, it’s usually our at home day. Wednesday and Thursdays are often our fun outing day (the zoo, the museum, etc), and Friday is our library day.  With our schedule constantly balanced between play dates, errands, and exploration, our days are balanced between home and not at home activities.

When I wrote this curriculum I had in mind that we don’t spend all day at home very often so there are two to three activities for each topic. If you tend to spend more time at home, the activities are repeatable (the average two year old loves repetition of fun).

While the curriculum does have a religious component, I put that towards the end. It is your choice if you want to use it or not (the beauty of agency). There are plenty of activities that involve learning the letter B that have nothing to do with the religious part of the curriculum.

At the bottom, I added a list of books. We don’t own most of these books but I did special order them at the library. Pea loves books and we looked for the letter B on each page as we read. She didn’t have much patience for looking for Bs, she really just wanted the story. I found it was better to focus on finding Bs on pages separate from the book.

I started each curriculum block with singing the alphabet and pointing to the letters on teh poster. She loved taking turns singing and pointing to the letters. She knows the letter B very well (because her name actually begins with B). She loves B and knows B words. We talked about ball, bounce, and bucket.

I cut out paper Bs in black, blue, and brown paper and taped them around the house. At first I only put them on things that started with B, but soon I ran out of Bs at her level so I just put them randomly around the house.


Princess Pea got so excited about going on a B hunt. She sang the song “Going on a Bear Hunt” but said B instead. She is already a character and a half. She ran around the entire house shouting “A B! A B! Right here is a B!” I ended up putting one on her too. She was so excited that she too had a letter B.

IMG_5229 (1)

I left the letters up and she repeated her B hunt three or four more times even though she already knew where all the Bs were. She still was exited each time she found one. She did try to pull one off (only one), but it ripped as she did it. She was so sad about ripping the B she left the others alone.


I did move a few Bs around while she slept to spice things up, but over all, she loved the B hunt and it kept her entertained for a long time.

The only scripture story I could think of that involved a character with the first letter B was King Benjamin. His story is found in the Book of Mormon, Mosiah chapters 1-5. King Benjamin was a righteous king, who at the end of his life, gathered all the people together and taught them about following Christ and making good choices.

We reenacted this story. We set out her tower and her stuffed animals and dolls all around her. Princess Pea loved standing on her stool/tower and telling her stuffed animals her message about being happy.

The King Benjamin printable we colored, cut out, and acted out. Pea loved moving the pieces around and using the pieces. It really reinforced the story to her. She was able to tell the entire story of King Benjamin to Superman when he got home.


I would love feedback on my first curriculum ever!



King Benjamin

Week 1 letter B Final


2 thoughts on “B is for King Benjamin

  1. I love this idea – I might do this with my son (who turns 3 in August but he’s been into his alphabet and numbers for a while now) and also at church (I teach the cradle roll class). 🙂

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