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Mason Jar Cupcakes

I was going to wait until after I wrote my “Hey, we bought a home” piece before I posted this, but as my life is crazy and chaos has been involved, I decided to write it now.

When you have a child and you move it’s totally different than when you don’t have a child. You can give your tearful good-byes and promise to keep in touch. But when you have a child, and people have had an impact on your child’s life, good-byes are different.

For Princess Pea there are two people that needed the special good-bye. One was her nursery teacher at church and the other is the bakery lady at King Soopers. I know the second one sounds weird, but every Monday morning we go grocery shopping. The King Soopers we shop at has free cookies for kids (I think most grocery stores do). There were a few times when we got there before the cookies were out. We stopped by the bakery counter and this really nice lady got Pea a cookie. Since then every time we go to the store, Pea insists we say “hi” to her favorite baker.

We aren’t moving super far, (like ten minutes from where we are now) but that’s far enough that we’ll be in a different ward and shop at a different store. As a good-bye and thank you gift for these ladies, I made cute cupcakes out of mason jars.

At Jo-Ann’s I bought a four pack of jelly jars, extra-long and giant pipe cleaner (channel stick) (pink), teeny tiny pompoms, medium red pompoms, and extra jumbo cupcake liners (they only came in white).


Pea painted each jar pink (I held the jar for her).


After the paint dried, I did a layer of Mod Podge to keep it from flaking off.IMG_5281

Then I glued on the paper cupcake liners to the bottoms.


I used hot glue to glue the lid to the ring (the metal lid that seals the jelly inside the metal ring that screws onto the jar). I then hot glued the pipe cleaner around the edge of the lid and then coiled it and glued it until it looked like a spiral of frosting.

I cut off the excess pipe cleaner and glued a red pompom on the end.


Next, I put dots of hot glue (you can use tacky glue for more hands on with your child) and added the teeny tiny pompoms around the pipe cleaner (like sprinkles)


Fill the jar with treats before closing.


I made cute little thank you tags and tied them on with sparkly pink ribbon.


What kind of thank yous do you do for the important people in your child(ren)’s life?



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