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New House

I’m still here. I promise I haven’t forgotten about blogging. If I was more organized I would have a month’s worth of blogs ready to go, but I’m not. I made a comment before about how we are moving, well, we moved.  I was planning on writing about how to buy a home for the first time, but I realized I may not be the best person to write that. I can give you this advice: don’t pick the first broker or Realtor that talks nice to you, shop around, ask around, do your homework.

The real estate market in the Denver Metro area is insane, especially Littleton. Homes are under contract the first day they are on the market and they go for over asking price. We were lucky to get our condo. It is a cute two bedroom condo with a crawlspace with 860 square feet of storage. It has a dining room (hurray!), a washer and dryer, a giant bathtub, and awesome patios. Not only is it the biggest place we’ve ever lived, it’s also cheaper than renting.


There are so many reasons to love owning a home. I love that we don’t have to worry about moving when our lease is up. I love that we can do what we want to our home (like paint it). I love that owning it has made me take more pride in my home. I love that our neighbors care about the community.

What I don’t love is all the pain that comes with owning a home. We found out from our neighbors that our condo was a rental property. As we have unpacked and settled in, we found that many problems were fixed poorly, incorrectly, or as cheap as possible. Our condo was built in the 80’s so there are a lot of cool “vintage” things (that’s code for outdated).

Anyway, I am excited to enjoy a new home and all the excitement and heart ache that comes with it.



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