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Words, words, words

Recently Princess Pea picked up a horrible “word”. Every time she says it, it sets me on edge. I am swift to respond, though. Every time she says “shut-up” I jump in and tell her an alternative statement, like “zip it” or “please be quiet” or “shush”. But even with all these alternative words, she… Continue reading Words, words, words

Katie's Kooky Thoughts · Spiritual

Aren’t We All Christians?

During my first semester at CSU, I got out especially early after an exam. As I walked through campus back to my apartment, I embraced the beauty of the mid fall day. The sun was shining, the sky was a brilliant blue, and the leaves were yellow, red, and orange. I was completely enjoying nature,… Continue reading Aren’t We All Christians?

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Is it a Good Thing, or a Bad Thing?

I’ve given tidbits about my pregnancy with Princess Pea before, but I don’t think I’ve shared this story . It was a week before school started when I found out I was pregnant , but I was determined to finish school .With my due date in the middle of the semester, I realized I needed… Continue reading Is it a Good Thing, or a Bad Thing?