Katie's Kooky Thoughts

Diagnosis Memory


When I was a teenager, every weeknight went the same way. I would finish homework, eat the dinner my mom made, then watch TV with my family. At 8pm, my favorite show would come on: Diagnosis Murder. I would watch until the 8:30 commercial break. At this point, I would go to the freezer and get a fudgecicle or ice cream bar and eat it while I watched the conclusion of Diagnosis Murder. Then I would go to bed.

I know, I was a wild child.

The other day I was watching some other crime drama show that was riddled with violence and sex and I found myself missing Diagnosis Murder. I began to scan the channels on the onscreen guide. I found a channel that was playing Hogan’s Heroes (a classic). I watched it. When it ended, commercials played announcing other shows on that channel. I saw an ad for Diagnosis Murder. I set up recording it. I since then have watched several episodes of the blast from my past.


The show isn’t as I remembered. There’s more kissing than I remember, but there is also really bad acting. I don’t remember Jessie Travis being that short or Steve Sloan having such a big chin. It’s pretty hokey. But when I pushed pass the hokeyness of it, I found something else, a semi clean crime drama, and a trip down memory lane.


What have you been nostalgic about?



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