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Satan is a Real Jerk


My blogging has been sporadic lately mostly because I’ve been in the middle of some heavy trials I don’t want to publish all the nitty gritty details of them, but today, I felt as though I needed to get this out there.

Since summer, I feel like I have had a steady constant flow of trials. It was just one or two, but every time one would be resolved, another would jump up and take its place. It was still manageable. Unfortunately for me, in the past month and a half, it’s been harder, more trials, and the resolution doesn’t seem to be insight. I’m not looking for any sympathy, this is life, life has ups and downs, hard times, easy times, and I’m just in a hard time. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and that this is “all part of the plan” and “that it’s going to get better” along with “there are some big blessings for you around the corner, just hold on”. Yes, I know this, I have said this to many people many times.

We all know that trials suck, that’s why they’re hard. If they didn’t suck, they wouldn’t be a trial. But I think in my current state of the storm of trials, I realized something really important. I realized that Satan is a jerk! OK that isn’t exactly ground breaking news, anyone with half a brain can deduce the jerkdom that is Satan, but hear me out.

Princess Pea has a really hard time watching villains. Anytime a bad guy is enacting his evil plot, she yells at the screen “STOP IT!” or “NO!” once she even told the bad guy to be nice. It’s adorable, even endearing to see my tenderhearted child so concerned for the well-being of those made up characters and their struggles. While the bad guys in her shows are basic: they’re bad, they know they’re bad, and they do bad things, in shows for older audiences bad guys tend to be more complex: they may not know they’re bad, they may think what they’re doing is right and best for everyone. Satan knows he’s a bad guy, he knows he’s doing bad things, and he doesn’t care. He doesn’t play by the rules of good sportsmanship and honor, he is the father of lies and all things dastardly.


One night when I had just finished pleading with Heavenly Father for a miracle in my life, I crawled into bed and struggled to fall asleep. In the darkness and shadows, he came. I found myself suddenly being filled with feelings of failure, worthlessness, devastation, and hopelessness. I tossed and turned, but peace didn’t come, tears, however, did. As the barrage of negativity continued to assault me, I suddenly remembered reading a blog post about how Satan attacks righteous people not by tempting them to make bad choices, but by making them feel bad about themselves, by playing on depression, struggles, and hardships. Satan in essence was kicking me while I was down. I remember curling up and crying, but somewhere inside me, the strength came, I felt like I wanted to scream it (it was late and I didn’t need Superman concerned that I was losing my mind), so I whisper-yelled it instead. “SATAN, YOU JERK! LEAVE ME ALONE!” Suddenly, the darkness feelings, hopelessness, and other feelings lightened, and peace came. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Many of you may be thinking “wow, you’re dramatic” or “that’s insane” but I don’t care. The reality of this and anyone’s situation is we need to realize that Satan and his villainous sidekicks are as real as our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. There has been a war since the beginning and we are caught in the fire. But we don’t have to fall, we don’t have to take it. As divine children of Heavenly Father with physical bodies, we can tell Satan and his motley crew to shove it!

I recently have been reading in Mark. I feel like the beginning chapters of Mark are filled with stories of Jesus casting out Devils out of poor people. We don’t hear people being possessed today, but that doesn’t mean it’s less real. I’m not saying all those cheesy episodes of Supernatural are totes real, I’m saying that as the people of Christ, we can rid ourselves of any miscreant spirits that are assaulting us. We have the power to tell them to go back to the empty, cold, corners of darkness from where they came.


Since I learned about Satan and Co. as a child, I’ve always felt vulnerable to them. How do you combat an invisible enemy? How do you stop someone that leaves no physical marks or finger prints? I remember feeling like I needed to hand the fight to the Holy Ghost and Christ, whenever it came. I felt that I was powerless, but They were not. I had heard the statements that they only have power over you if you let them, but it’s hard not to when their presence alone can twist joy and damper happiness.  I had heard that we can overcome them, we can choose not to let them bother you, but that is often easier said than done.

When we face adversity, we can let the whispers of Satan persuade us to make choices that drive a wedge between us and heaven, or we can rally against him. That night, in my room, was the first time I had realized that I didn’t have to hand the fight to someone else, I didn’t need to run and hide, I could rid myself of Satan and his miscreants. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t turn to Heavenly Father in prayer or ask for help from the proper authority, I’m saying that as a divine being, straighten your crown and tell those bullies to go back to the hell they came from.


I don’t have a question to end this one with, but stay strong, and don’t let that Jerk win!





4 thoughts on “Satan is a Real Jerk

  1. The struggle with satin that you speak of has been with me for the 70 years I have walked life’s road. Overall I would call it a stalemate but with not much road left I too would love some peace and a chance to talk with God about something other than my daily battles. I think I have come to the resolution that (for me) I must just keep my life in balance and when my road ends maybe then receive that reward of peace. Best of luck and remember in bad and good he is there with you.

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  2. I am sorry to hear that you have been going through such trials recently. I have been there too where the trials seem to be constant and unending. But I am glad in the face of such heaviness and hopelessness God was able to show you that Satan throws things at the righteous to make them feel weak and sinful and drag them down and you were able to overcome the darkness.
    You are doing great and thank you do much for encouraging your readers who may be facing similar struggles.


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