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As a kid, I watched The Simpsons all the time. I stopped watching it in my mid-twenties. There was this one episode that was Pee Wee Football. Bart was put as quarter back even though he didn’t have the skill. He ruined the game and this girl came up to him and said “you ruined everything, our perfect season, our perfect game, you ruin-er! My sister likes you.” Along these lines, we checked out a book from the library called Giraffes Ruin Everything by Heidi Schulz. The little boy in the book goes on and on about how giraffes ruin every aspect of life. In the end the boy realizes that giraffes aren’t so bad.

When I was a freshman at Metro State, I relied on the bus and light-rail to get to and from school. If I missed the train, then I would miss my bus and vice versa. The next bus was not usually for a half hour or hour; missing one usually meant being late for work. Unfortunately this happened more than once. I would look at the train that I had missed by a fraction of a second and panic. I would pull out my phone and call my dad in tears and tell him how my life is ruined because of a fraction of a second. My dad would leave work, drive all the way down town and pick me up. He would discuss with me alternatives. After a few failed times, I was enormously blessed by someone offering to give me a ride home on certain days, on other days, I found an alternative bus to take that ended up getting me home faster but leaving later.

Many times in life we have these moments where we feel that if something happens then our life will be ruined. My mom has this long list of things she never wanted to do. At this point in her life, she has done all but two things on that long list of nevers. As far as I know, her life is not ruined, just different than what she originally planned.


Ruin is a powerful idea, yet we use it to describe so many things that we qualify as horrible, irredeemable, unable to come back from, but in reality, there are very few things that are impossible to come back from. I have heard women say they refuse to be mothers because it will ruin their bodies. This isn’t true, it will change their bodies, alter it, but their body will still function. They’ll still be able live life (except in rare circumstances). I hear people say they won’t ever do X, Y, and Z, but yet those things are not the end of the world. In reality unless the choice is something dangerous, hazardous, or illegal, chances are, your life will not be ruined.


As I look at this election, it is pretty scary considering our options. I have heard many people throw their hands up in the hair and say “well that’s it, the country is ruined.” Well I have news for you, it’s not. The country will not be ruined as long as there are good hearted people striving to live and do the right things. There is a higher power in play. Heavenly Father has a plan. He is omnipotent and already knows who is going to win, what the elected officials are going to do and what is going to happen to this country and the world. He knew all of this before this ever started. We may have agency, we may be able to make choices, but nothing is ruined. His plan cannot be ruined. We need to face whatever lies ahead with faith. We need to trust in the greatest leader ever, the leader who created the earth.



7 thoughts on “Ruiner

  1. Hope you’re OK with dissent… I would contend that society is long ruined and the current election is simply a reflection of that destruction. Short-form communication (internet news articles —>> tweets) have taken extremely complex issues and boiled them down to red/blue, right/wrong, yes/no. Gone are the days of opening up the morning paper and reading 2000 words about a topic and trying to understand nuance. We have become a very uneducated society–sure we *know* stuff, but we no longer understand the interrelationship between the stuff we know. This is IMO what is driving our election cycle.

    Regarding God’s plan. I’m sorry to say that a Calvinist approach to life depresses the hell out of me. If everything is preordained, life is just an amusement park ride. I wrote a bit about this around 18 months ago (when I was still blogging under a pseudonym) I’d be pleased if you read it.

    Lastly, the crust is the best part. Recently my kids lashed back about the bottom crust getting in the way of the flavor of the pie. My wife made an apple pie without the bottom crust. Like eating a hamburger without ketchup.

    Respectfully, Jeff

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