White Tree

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When I was a little girl, I saw my first white tree. It was in one of those awesome 90’s Christmas movies. My mom told me that it was an aluminum tree and it was tacky. Still, I thought the idea of a white Christmas tree was beautiful. Years later I visited St. Nick’s, a year round Christmas store. The store was filled with ornaments, decorations, and yes, trees. Each tree is artfully decorated in a theme. As I wandered from room to room looking at all the trees, it was there I saw it. It was the most beautiful tree I had ever seen. It was a large, white tree, covered in beautiful gold ribbons and elegant fairy ornaments. In that moment I wanted a tree as beautiful and awe-inspiring as that one.

When Superman and I got married, our first apartment was an adorable one bedroom in the heart of Englewood. It was tiny but ours. When December rolled around, I couldn’t wait to decorate our little home and fill it with the Holiday Spirit.  I found beautiful gold and silver stockings. I strung beaded garland. I hung up as many festive decorations as our budget and home could handle, except one thing, a tree. Our place was too small to have a tree. My dad let us have is little 12” tree with little wooden ornaments glued on. It wasn’t a big deal; we weren’t spending Christmas at our apartment.

The next home we had was a studio apartment and after that another one bedroom apartment. Still no real room for a tree. After we moved into our condo, I promised myself that this would be the year for a tree. I saved my birthday money and set it aside for buying a tree.

I was at Smichael’s for a completely unrelated errand when I saw that despite it being October, they already had their display of Christmas trees out. Princess Pea and I wandered through the display when I saw it. A 7’ white pencil tree. It was absolutely beautiful. Pea even commented at how pretty it was.


I snapped a picture of it and sent it to Superman. He has a dumb phone so he couldn’t really tell what I just sent him. It was October, way too early to even say the word Christmas, let alone buy a tree. Weeks went by and still, the tree was on my mind. A week before Thanksgiving, I decided I was going for it. I was going to buy a tree.

I grabbed my Christmas tree fund and Princess Pea and headed to Smichael’s. In the front of the store there were two 7’ pencil green trees. They were similar (and cheaper) than the white one in the back of the store. I wandered back and forth between the green and white trees. I felt so indecisive. I had always dreamed of having a white tree, but green is traditional, green is comfortable, green is normal. I began asking people in the store what they thought. Every single lady (let’s face it, guys don’t usually go to Smichael’s) said green. I tried calling my mom, but she didn’t answer. I called my best friend. She said she had a white tree, but I’m a unique person so white might be fitting for me.

Poor Pea was being so patient as I spent my hour in indecisiveness. Finally I asked this one lady what she thought. She said “I would pick green, but that is because I like green trees. Get whatever tree you want. It’s your tree, you’ll be the one enjoying it, get what you want.” I did three more laps of indecision before I put the white tree in my cart, grabbed the garland I liked, got some cheap ornaments and checked out. As soon as we got home, Princess Pea insisted in putting up the tree.

We decorated it and plugged it in. Here, a week before Thanksgiving, we had a Christmas tree up and it was the most beautiful tree ever. Yes, it was bare, but it was ours.



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