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Handwriting Without Fears


If you are a mom or if you know a mom, you probably are aware that moms tend to over react to things. I had that over reacting moment this week. It happened at work. I got my old job back (I still have my super awesome, best ever job with VIPKID) I work two days a week at a “Child Development Center”. That is fancy for child care. Princess Pea gets to come with me. It’s a great deal, she gets socialization, education, and all that stuff that child care offers now days and I get a discount.

This week I was helping teachers decorate for Valentine’s Day. Princess Pea is in the 2.5 year old room. I was in the next room, the 3 year old room. I noticed that the children were working on writing the letter “N” with chubby markers. Most of the children were just a few months older than Pea. I saw most of them struggling to form those letters, mostly because how they were gripping those markers.

I crouched next to a sweet boy still struggling and guided him to hold the marker differently. He began to move the marker in a much more controlled manner. I looked up at the teacher and offered to help her with a technique to teach this needed skill. She informed me that teaching this skill was not in the curriculum and so she was not allowed to teach it. After talking to her for thirty minutes, I began to worry, after all, Princess Pea would probably be moving into that room in a few months.

Anyway long story short… well shorter, I found myself on Pinterest looking for homeschool handwriting ideas.  I found a ton of ideas and printables but then remembered: I don’t have a working printer right now. I decided to make my own. It was so easy and simple; I thought I’d share for any mom who doesn’t want to waste ink or maybe wants to customize it to their child.

I grabbed a stack of paper, stickers, markers, and a binder to make Princess Pea her own handwriting  binder.

I drew a variety of dashed lines on the paper. I put a sticker on one side and another on the other. I told Pea that she needed to draw a line so that Bubble Puppy could get to Deema (or whatever sticker to whatever sticker).


I then wrote her name, once in a dark marker and another in a yellow marker. The dark is for her to put stickers along the lines and the yellow is for her to trace over.


I made dashed lines of her name with stickers at each joint. I also made individual letter pages for each letter of her name with a big letter and a small letter (capital and lowercase or majuscule and miniscule).


Pea struggled with the first line page. She couldn’t hold the marker right. I got her some chunky triangle crayons from Target (the Yoobi brand). She instantly held the crayon better. It was a miracle! I also got her the chunky colored pencils (they’re not triangle, they’re round). She held those perfectly too. Her control improved and she loved doing her lines. She wanted to add stamps and keep doing her handwriting.



I also got these $1 workbooks. I tore out the pages and stuck them in page protectors in the binder. She can use dry erase markers on them again and again.

I also added some math pages. She can put one, two, and three stickers in the circles and trace the numbers.



I know it’s not super different from anything that you can find on the internet but it’s a simple and affordable way to DIY handwriting options.

I also decided to bring back letter of the week. We talked about A and sang a song about how A is for apple, /a/a/a/.  I’m hoping teaching the phonemic sound as well will help with reading. We sat and looked for A’s in Pea’s favorite library books.

It would irresponsible for me as a parent to assume that school will teach her everything.  What was your over reacting moment?



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