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Good Night Gnome

Lately I’ve been “burning the candle at both ends” as the idiom goes. As I lay in bed, trying to sleep, but not getting there, I started working on every technique I could think of. I counted sheep. I counted hippopotamuses. I did 4-7-8 breathing (I almost hyperventilated).  I tried reliving my day. I finally reached my last idea: story time. I began reciting Good Night Moon but kept stopping myself at the ridiculousness of some of the rhymes and in my addled state I began thinking up my own version of Good Night Moon. Here it is:


In a cozy little home,

there was a pink flamingo and a garden gnome.

A sink full of dishes,


And scattered cheese goldfishes.

A pile of laundry half wadded, half folded,

A sippy cup, I pray hasn’t molded.


A forgotten cartoon,

And a hard, dried, out playdough goon.

Good night goon.

Good night cartoon.

Good night  laundry half folded and cup that has molded.

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Good night goldfishes and good night dirty dishes.

Good night flamingo and gnome.


Good night cozy home.




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