Simple as a Sifter


I feel like most my posts start this way, but this past year has been filled with trials for my family. As we have struggled to get through the hardships, I found myself questioning extensively if Heavenly Father loved me. I know I asked Him almost daily about this. I was surprised to have the answer come so simply.


It’s no secret that I love to bake. Whenever the chance comes up, I volunteer to make some delicious delicacy from scratch. In fact, the only baked good that I will willingly make from a box is brownies. I don’t know why, but for some reason, boxed brownies always taste better than scratch brownies. Anyway, I had volunteered to make cupcakes for a Young Woman activity. I decided to make my favorite chocolate cake recipe.

Chocolate cake is a tricky, especially in a high altitude. The problem is that it always turns out super dry or super dense. It’s hard to get that right balance without adding coffee. I found that my favorite chocolate cake recipe was the perfect balance, yet, it could be better, fluffier, if I could only sift the dry ingredients.

Surprisingly, I did not own a sifter. When I was perusing various stores during my usual shopping trips, I looked for sifters. In my mind, I imagined the metal measuring cup with a screen on the bottom and a hand crank on the side. No store carried such an outdated sifter. I found many bowls that were made of the mesh screen, large long handles, easy for controlling the dry ingredients.


As great as the new sifters were, they weren’t really what I wanted. I gave up and purchased a newer sifter. I made my great cupcakes and moved on with my life.

A few weeks later, I received a phone call from my wonderful grandma. She chatted to me about this and that before telling me about her latest spring cleaning project. She asked if I wanted some of the items she was getting rid of: silver plated silverware (heirlooms) and a sifter. I of course wanted both, but I imagined the sifter being just like all the sifters I had seen at the store.

After an evening at my grandmother’s house, I remembered to collect the items. She retrieved a wooden box and a metal measuring cup with a crank. As I stared at that pristine panted sifter, I had this strong feeling that Heavenly Father had made it so I could have this exact sifter. I never prayed for that sifter, only to know if He loved me. He answered my prayer in such a simple and easily missed gesture.


Something about it spoke to my very soul. I knew in that moment of getting that beautiful sifter that not only did Heavenly Father love me, but He wanted me to be happy. He wanted me to have not just what I needed, but what I wanted as well. I knew that all the struggles and hardships we were facing in that moment were not due to Him not loving me or my family, but us learning, growing, and going through a necessary time of waiting and grief. It made my trial bearable.

I know that Heavenly Father loves us. He doesn’t favor some of His children over others. He loves us all equally and individually. If you feel like Heavenly Father has forgotten you, doesn’t value you as much as others, or even hates you. I promise if you stop and pray in faith. Ask with an open heart if He loves you. He will answer you. It may not me immediate. It may not come as a large grand event with clouds parting and angels singing. It may be just a feeling. It may be a simple sifter.


How has Heavenly Father shown you His love?



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