Is the Crust Really the Best Part?


Many times in our lives we hear things that sound like they’re true. It could be things that our parents have said, our grandparents have said, or perhaps it came from a well trusted source. One of my favorite examples of this is when parents, grandparents, food Nazis tell us that we need to eat the crust from the sandwich, it’s the best part for us. This was a sentiment that just became common knowledge.

One night at dinner with my wonderful in-laws, a discussion about carbs, starches, proteins, and so on happened. It’s common place when your sister-in-law is a dietitian and your brother-in-law is working to be a physical therapist. In a moment, my little ADHD brain went for a ride down tangent road. I thought about bread, the process of making it, putting the ingredients into the bowl, turning on the mixer, resting the dough, kneading the dough, putting the dough in the pan and baking it. In that moment I realized that the only difference between the crust and the soft center of the bread was that the crust was the part that got the heat first. It cooked longer and became a tougher shell. Chemically, it was the same as the soft delicious part.

With my sudden epiphany, I had to chime in (even though we were now on a completely different topic). Everyone at the table thought it over, and agreed, the only difference between the crust of the bread and the crumb (that’s what the other part is called, look it up) is that the crust is baked longer.


The longer that I’ve thought about the crust, I realized there are a lot of deeper meanings behind the crust versus crumb problem. One could argue that the crust acts a shield, making it possible for the crumb to develop into it’s magnificence and fulfill its purpose in life (to end up in my belly). Now for those who took high school English class see that I’m getting at more than just bread. I’m talking about something else. This idea could be applied to many different things, but I’m going to use it to talk about being a mother.

As a mother, I feel like I’ve made mistakes, taken the heat in order for my children to become better. I feel like I’ve learned hard things, sacrificed, and just fought to give my children a better life. I want my children to be better than me. I want them to be the most delicious and wonderful thing about bread, er, life.


This is my main purpose in writing. I want my children to see that I love being a mother. Motherhood, wifedom, and being a daughter of God are the most important things to me. I value them and want to share my appreciation for these things with the world. I also want to help you, legendary reader, to help you be the crumb and learn from my trial and error (I also want to learn from you, we can have a symbiotic relationship).

The main things that I am going to focus on in my blog are family life, spiritual incites, book and other media reviews, and just some of the crazy things that come to my mind that I feel like need to be shared (having the amazing tangent thinking power that I have, I make strange connections in a short period of time).

Anyway, welcome to The Crust is the Best Part. I hope you will enjoy your time here. Feel free to check out my bio (I do have some qualifications other than my laptop) as well as get to know and understand me better.

What are your favorite bread products? What do you think the best parts of life are?




4 thoughts on “Is the Crust Really the Best Part?

  1. I searched and searched for your About page. It’s probably one of the most widely read pages on a blog. That is…if you have one???

    Interestingly enough, I found your About stuck between two posts. I’m hoping you’ll look into why this might be. Posts and Pages are typically in their own park.

    You seem to be a very interesting person with a definite talent for putting the written word in its place. Still, I suspect your readers would like to know more about you…in your own words of course!

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