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How the Cookie Really Crumbles

Sometimes I feel like Facebook is like a refrigerator: you open it, look to see if there’s anything good, see nothing, go sit back down, get bored and repeat. More and more I’ve found myself pulling away from my crutch of Facebook and more towards ebooks.  With the election over, the emotionally charged arguments have… Continue reading How the Cookie Really Crumbles

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Mirror, Mirror, in Your Brain…

Every week Princess Pea and I go to the library for story time. Story time starts fifteen minutes after the library opens; we get there as soon as the doors are unlocked (sometimes earlier). We walk in, return last week’s books and head to the children’s section. Princess Pea goes immediately to the toys. While… Continue reading Mirror, Mirror, in Your Brain…

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Words, words, words

Recently Princess Pea picked up a horrible “word”. Every time she says it, it sets me on edge. I am swift to respond, though. Every time she says “shut-up” I jump in and tell her an alternative statement, like “zip it” or “please be quiet” or “shush”. But even with all these alternative words, she… Continue reading Words, words, words