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Four Things That are Ruinning Your Motherhood (and how to stop them)

As mothers we put way too much pressure on ourselves to the point of devastation. It needs to stop!

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God doesn’t hate you, He loves you

Princess Pea is almost four. She is the most adorable almost four-year-old in my life. Not only is she almost four, she is also the most amazing big sister in the world. She has so many endless wonderful qualities and things about her that make me so grateful to be her mom. Unfortunately, being her… Continue reading God doesn’t hate you, He loves you

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Your Body is Designed for This?

Sometimes it’s totally creepy how much the internet knows about me. I blame Google. Every time I open Pinterest, Facebook, or search something, I am bombarded with pregnancy things. All the ads are some doula, breast pump, million dollar baby product, or some high tech contraption that will solve all baby related problems. All the… Continue reading Your Body is Designed for This?

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4 Things to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

It’s kind of creepy sometimes how one or two simple Google searches can change everything else that pops up in your life. Maybe nothing changed, but I’m just thinking about it, so I notice it. Creepy Big Brother theories aside, I have had a ton of articles pop up in my social media platforms lately.… Continue reading 4 Things to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

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Finding Purpose in Life

There’s a lot going on in the chaos that is the news this week. It’s a lot to take in and manage. In this mess of sound and screaming voices, I have found myself struggling to process all the noise and information. Through this mess, I may have stumbled on an interesting theory of my… Continue reading Finding Purpose in Life